Ra ra ras-poutine!

I love Quebec and I am in love with Montreal: the coffee, the croissants, the parks, the cyclists, the quirky cafes, the fun ice cream shops, the picturesque winter, the absolutely unbeatable autumn … but poutine? That’s another story!

Photo from foodology.ca

It all started when we had a little too much  beer to drink, local red beer, the kind you can drink a pitcher of without developing a bitter tongue. It was a young Thursday night and since we hadn’t had poutine yet, it was the perfect opportunity to try the famous greasy national dish of Quebec.

We left the pub and headed to Rue Rachel (yes, you guessed it) where the legendary La Banquise sits. By sheer luck, there wasn’t a long queue outside and there were empty tables on the terrace. The weather was very pleasant and hunger was peaking. Without consulting the menu, I ordered the bacon poutine (recommended on Urban Spoon) and an oval dish heaped with fries, cheese curds, Canadian bacon and gravy showed up on my lap (OK, table!) less than ten minutes after. Don’t get me wrong, it is the right food for a growling stomach after a pitcher of beer, but the amount of oil that enters your system is simply indigestible! The fries are laden with oil and the gravy just makes it more mushy. There’s nothing wrong with the taste; the cheese curds are actually yummy. I just had a problem with the floating fat in my stomach when it was time to sleep!

Bottom line: I can understand why you like poutine, but no thanks.


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