Garden of the Gods

So, why in the name of god did all the gods decide to assemble in Colorado Springs?

That I don´t know, but I know that it´s not too bad a place for the authorities to meet and conspire!

Joking aside, I visited Garden of the Gods this morning and these huge rock formations are quite something to photograph! The mountains behind them make a perfect background, the perfect contrast. But what I loved the most were the different birds that I saw there. Apparently, the garden is home to more than 130 species of birds!

Enjoy this brief tour.












Paella Valenciana

Now doesn’t THIS look mouth watering!

During this trip to Spain, I got the chance to help Carmen, a very sweet Spanish woman from Valencia, cook a typical Valencian paella meal with chicken meat and rabbit meat. I watched her cook the meat at first then add vegetables (green beans and white beans) and finally water and have everything simmer for a long time. To add flavor and color to the paella, Carmen added 3 large fresh springs of rosemary, salt and a generous sprinkle of saffron powder. She left the meat and vegetable cooking until everything became soft and aromatic before adding the rice. She let the rice absorb liquid completely, which didn’t take a long time because she kept everything uncovered and on high fire. Excuse me for not noting down measurements of ingredients, but I took some delicious photos for you, so here you go!

Click for photos and description (almost a recipe!).

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Long Weekend in Westport

What is everyone up to this weekend? I joined a group of close friends in Westport for a long weekend of catching up, relaxation and fishing. The cottage we are staying in is super cozy and warm. When we were driving to it, we thought we were going driving to the end of the world. The roads were unpaved, thin and lined with trees so high that you can’t see the sky. We had to drive for 15 minutes outside of the town of Westport to get to it. But the moment we parked the car and went into the cottage, we were breath taken by the  genuine feel of it and the amazing view of the lake. Take a look at these photos and let me know what you think.

Have a nice weekend.

So Why Montreal?

Um, why not?! It is a beautiful city with great schools, a good quality of life and a diverse cultural scene. We finally took our decision early this year and started the real preparations last month. We are both very excited, simply for the change. We have been living in Jeddah for 5 years now and have had enough of the 365 days of sunshine (NOT). It is time for us to move on, to move forward and as I always say, change is necessary for progress. So this crazy couple are embarking on a new freezing adventure late this Spring and they simply cannot wait!

And I’m going to …

Oh my god, Confetti hasn’t had a post in over 3 weeks! Where are you, Loulou?

Well, Loulou has been knee-deep in preparation for the big move. Big move? Yes, Iam packing two suitcases (and selling everything else!) and heading West. What? West? Where? How? Um to Montreal, Canada! Mamma mia, when?! Soon, very soon!

More details tonight. Have a good day everyone!

Gifts With No Occasion

… are the best kind of gifts, no?! I was in Beirut last week (that’s mostly the reason behind my disappearance) and I received three unexpected gifts from my mom and sisters! I absolutely loved them. I’m not usually a materialistic person, but these cute gifts warmed my heart.

Thanks N., L. and L.! <3

Pendant of my favorite animal, the giraffe

A much needed pair of trendy brown sunglasses

An over-sized hip blue canvas bag