Best of 2011

What an eventful year! It started out alright. My mom visited me at the beginning of the year and we had a good two weeks together. Then, my health took a dip and I had a rough few months. But it seems that traveling was in the cards for me because I visited several new cities this year and spent vacations with my family, with R. and with my mom. Another good thing that happened this year was that I managed to lose the extra few kilos that I had put on the past two years. Not all news is good as this year I wasn’t able to see my best friend whom I normally meet up with once a year. However, the year ended on a good note and … I went for LASIK and that changed my whole outlook on life (pun intended)!

Here are a few photos highlighting the beautiful memories of 2011:

weekend mornings by the sea

family summer vacation in Spain

the BEAUTIFUL San Sebastian (Spain)

fun with R.

drinking a lot of tea in Istanbul with mom

the Bosphorus


Paris with Mounir & Aida



Susuru (Japanese for slurping)

If you are in Berlin and want to have Asian food, Japanese in particular, there is only one place to head to: SUSURU.

Susuru only serves noodle soups and appetizers, but that won’t matter to you because you wouldn’t want to have anything else anyway!

We started with shrimp dumplings that were very light and perfectly steamed. Then I had the chicken curry udon soup and R. had a shrimp udon soup, both were delicious and the portions were generous. (And yes we slurped!) For dessert we tried the green tea ice cream and the chocolate spring rolls with vanilla ice cream, and needless to say they were both very special.

A small and funny detail about the restaurant: there are kitchen aprons hanging on little hooks on the sides of the tables to protect your clothes while you slurp!

So again if you’re in Berlin and in the mood for Japanese food, try Susuru. Here’s the address:

Rosa-Luxemburg Strasse 17
10178 Berlin

Room of Silence – Berlin


While walking around in Berlin, R. and I ran into the banner above, which immediately caught our attention. We pushed the door in and were greeted by a silent middle-aged man behind a desk surrounded by complete silence. We asked if the Room of Silence was open for anyone and whether it was for free. The silent man spoke, “of course,” he said. We pushed another door that led to a room as small as a regular living room with chairs lined in theater-style. We took two adjacent seats and just sat in silence for five minutes. I did a 5-minute relaxation session, abdominal breathing and all, and R. sat there with his thoughts in total silence.

The Silent Room

We were beyond thrilled by the possibility of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city with just one push of a door. What a brilliant idea. We totally disconnected from everything outside, from the pain in our legs, from the plans for the rest of the evening and from the world. Read below for a description of the Room of Silence, Berlin:

The following description is taken from Berlin101 website.

The “Room of Silence” is located in the north side of the Brandenburg Gate. It is inspired by the meditation room in the UN building in New York. The room was opened in 1994, and offers the people passing by a chance to sit down in silence, meditate, rest and so on, and is decorated with abstract pictures. We can tell you it is indeed a very relaxing, positive experience.

Opening Hours: Apr-Oct 11:00 -18:00, Nov & Jan-Mar 11:00 -17:00, Dec 11:00 -16:00.

Back From Holidays!

Sorry for leaving without any notice, it was very busy before the holidays and I forgot to post a ‘see you soon’ message! But now we are back and although it is going to take me a whole week to re-install myself in my life and not feel disoriented, I am happy to be reconnect with everyone on Twitter and here on Confetti.

I had a great two-week break. I spent it with my family in Italy and Spain and it was beautiful. I’ll leave you with these photos until we meet again some time soon this week. Have a great week!