Cafe Hopping

I was reminded today of why I like Montreal, why I feel good here, why I feel welcomed, and most importantly, why I feel I belong.

While cafe hopping over several consecutive weekends, I stumbled upon this cute scene. imageI was browsing the world on my tablet, sipping my latte, when three girls come into the cafe, sit on the floor, form a triangle, and start playing Bananagrams. They were not having any coffee or tea. What happened next was even more charming; the lady of the cafe offered them free loukoum.

Bon weekend tout le monde!


6 thoughts on “Cafe Hopping

      • Yeah unfortunately… we have to be strong, stronger than never and try to find happiness in small things of our daily life… we just need to put
        some effort to find them because i know it, they surround us…
        Je tembrasse fort fort ma loulou a moi

  1. cartoline says:

    it’s great when you notice these small things and encounters, right? they make the stories to tell over and over again! :)

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