Boston, MA

If you have 8 to 9 hours to kill and you don’t know what do, hop on a bus to Boston! Actually you need to have 18 hours to kill if you plan to come back to Montreal. It won’t be a pleasant or warm ride (the bus was freezing!), but the destination will definitely be worth it.

I took an overnight bus and by some magical miracle, I was able to sleep most of the way. We stopped at the borders for an hour, I was drugged by sleep, so I didn’t care. I just waited for my turn between involuntary standing-up naps. It is amazing how one hour can feel as long as ten when you’re waiting for a stamp on your passport at 1am, and how fast it is when you’re whatsapping on your phone!

Needless to say, Boston was fantastic. But 3 days is surely not enough. I was barely able to get the feel of the city, or visit any museums or all of its parks and neighborhoods. But I did go on a bicycle ride across the river from the Prudential Center (which was a rip off to see the view from top) to Cambridge. Breathtaking bicycle ride. I will let the photos speak for themselves, albeit a brief album. But before I leave you, hamburgers and beers is all I ate and drank that weekend! Life was sweet then.


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