Summer Happened!

2 months – ouch!

I know, I know, I have committed a sin by neglecting my blog for this long. I have a reason for this  but I’m not sure if it’s a good reason. But anyway, I’m here and I hope I’m back for good! (Any Take That fans?!)

SO what happened during the past two months? Well, THIS happened: SUMMER!


Summer happened, the as-fast-as-the-wind month that comes right after could-have-fooled-me Spring! Haha. I’m overdoing it, I’m not one to complain about the weather anyway. I appreciate all 4 seasons and look forward to each one of them. And, I have finally  had my Montreal baptism: my bicycle got stolen!

Yoohoo! I couldn’t stop smiling when I walked back from Park Laurier on that beautiful chilly night and didn’t find my bicycle locked to the metal bars! I smiled for two reasons. The first: out with the old, in with the new (looks like this is the year of perfect change). The second: Montreal is finally treating me like one of its own; Montreal is becoming home! It looks like I have found me a home :) Home is not who you’re with or where your heart is, that is Hollywood BS. Home is where (and when) your bicycle gets stolen!


6 thoughts on “Summer Happened!

  1. I’m your biggest fan haha haha proof i’m the first who react to this lovely article. I smiled all long ;) thank you for these moments of joy i’m sharing with you. Montréal adopted you? What an évidence ! And me i adopted you 100 Times more :) mouaaaaaaaaah

  2. cartoline says:

    amazing post…you made me laugh so much! :) everything is about the small things, right? :) how one stolen bicycle can really make you feel at home!! hahaha:)

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