Let’s Sugar Shack It!

What do you do with the following ingredients: two cars, 7 friends, -5 C, a Sunday, Quebec?

You go to a sugar shack!

Sugar shacks, or sugar houses, (cabanes a sucre in French) are very popular in Eastern Canada and between March and April is the season for what they have to offer. They are cabins that were established to make maple syrup. Sugar shacks now offer a meal in the cabin where most of the food is made with maple syrup and some even have a chimney and live music. In Quebec, it is quite popular during the months of March and April to go to a cabane a sucre to have a typical meal from the region and then have tire d’erable on the snow, which is maple syrup on the snow that solidifies into a caramel-like texture and then scooped by you with a wooden Popsicle stick! Simple, silly but fun!

Needless to say, it turned out to be a cool Sunday. Here are a few photos.











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