Top Cafes in Plateau and Mile End, Montreal

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge lover of coffee, not because I am addicted to it but because I really enjoy the taste of it. However, I cannot have it black. I can have it sugarless, but I have to add milk or cream to it. Before coming to Canada, I always added milk to my coffee (or simply had a cappuccino), but in Canada it is very popular and common to add 10% cream (half and half) to your coffee. Now I take my coffee with a little bit of 10% cream, and man the difference it makes!

Cafe Plume

(Entre Le Cafe et La Plume)

(Le Depanneur Cafe)

(Kahwa Cafe)

So, the first thing that I did when we first got to Montreal was try out all the cafes in the neighborhood, and every place I went to I made sure that I took their business card. Needless to say, I now have a box full of business cards for cafes, bistros and little restaurants in Plateau and Mile End. And anyone who lives in Montreal (or has been to Montreal) knows perfectly well how quaint and artsy these two neighborhoods are. So, here is my list of the top cafes that I’ve been to, in alphabetical order.

Au Pain Perdu

4489 rue de la roche
Opening hours: 7:00 to 15:00

Atmosphere: No music, cozy, friendly, colorful, lots of light
Terrace: No
Best for: Breakfast

Bistro Le Republique

1051 rue bernard ouest
Opening hours: 8:00 to 22:00

Atmosphere: Good music, cozy, friendly staff
Terrace: Yes, a lovely one!
Best for: Morning coffee with newspaper, hearty sandwiches and burgers

Cafe Expressions

957 ave du mont-royal est
Opening hours: 8:00 to 23:00

Atmosphere: Students and intellectual readers hang out here, good music playing, employees are young students
Terrace: No
Best for: Coffee and tea, food, reading, intellectual discussions with friends

Cafe Névé

151 rue rachel est
Opening hours:

Atmosphere: quaint, large interior, vintage
Terrace: No, but a couple of benches outside
Best for: Coffees, homemade desserts, sandwiches, …

Cafe Plume

123 ave du mont-royal est
Opening hours: 8:00 to 18:00

Atmosphere: Good music, nice decor, friendly staff
Terrace: No
Best for: Coffee, sandwiches, just hang out alone with a laptop

Cafe Santropol

3990 St-Urbain
Opening hours: 11:30 to 22:00

Atmosphere: Friendly, cozy
Terrace: Yes (back garden)
Best for: The sandwiches (that they make themselves!), their carrot cake, coffee

Flocon Espresso

781 ave du mont-royal est
Opening hours: 8:00- to 19:00

Atmosphere: Very small cozy place
Terrace: No
Best for: Coffee and a pastry to eat with it

Kahwa Cafe

263 ave du mont-royal est
Opening hours: M-F: 7:00 to 22:00, S-S: 8:00 to 20:00

Atmosphere: Good music, quaint decor
Terrace: No (Just a couple of stools at the front)
Best for: a large menu of coffee, meeting with friends or just hanging out with your laptop, their Arabic desserts

Kouign Amann (Boulangerie)

322 ave du mont-royal est
Opening hours: 7:00 to 19:00

Atmosphere: Since this is a boulangerie (a Breton one), the atmosphere is aromatically ‘buttery’, super cozy and warm, very small
Terrace: No
Best for: Ask the people working there to try their specialty, or just have a chocolatine (chocolate croissant) with a cup of coffee

Lapin Presse

1309 ave laurier est
Opening hours: 8:00 to 20:00

Atmosphere: Small cute place, good music
Terrace: No (A couple of benches at the front)
Best for: morning coffee with a newspaper, hanging out with your laptop

Le Cagibi

5490 blvd st. laurent
Opening hours: M: 6:00 to 12:00, T-F: 9:00 to 1:00, S-S: 10:30-12:00

Atmosphere: Very quaint, live music, super hipster

Terrace: Yes
Best for: Live music, coffee and desserts

Le Depanneur Cafe

206 rue bernard ouest
Opening hours:

Atmosphere: Very quaint, daily live music, super hipster
Terrace: Yes
Best for: Live music, coffee, fresh fruit smoothies

Montreal Cafe

1546 ave laurier est
Opening hours:

Atmosphere: Small and cozy, good  music
Terrace: No
Best for: Its terrace when there’s sun, coffee

Toi, Moi et Cafe

244 ave laurier ouest
Opening hours:

Atmosphere: Good music, always crowded
Terrace: Yes, a big famous one
Best for: Coffee, brunch, hanging out with friends

Other cafes: 

Club Social (180 rue st.-viateur ouest)
Cafe Olimpico (124 rue st.-viateur ouest)
Navarino (5563 ave du parc)


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