The Little Things That Make You Go :-)

Doesn’t a giggling baby just make you unconsciously smile? How about when it stops raining the moment you step out of the house? What about that second when you put your hand into the pocket of an old jeans and you feel money under your fingers? Don’t you just smile? What are other little moments in your day that make you, forcibly, smile?

Here’s a list of a few little things that make me happy:

  • When I am asked for directions on the street.
  • When I manage to apply nail polish on my right-hand fingers (I’m right-handed) without any smudging.
  • Being on my bicycle on a cold sunny day and feeling the chilly wind on my face.
  • Receiving a smile from a stranger.
  • When I’m cooking and the radio plays music that I can sway to.
  • That moment when coldness starts going away and I start feeling warm under the bed covers.
  • When I crave a piece of anything sweet (that usually happens directly after lunch) and I find a forgotten half-cookie in my bag.

And many many more. Just like there are many little things that we should be grateful for, there are a million other things that make us smile. We just need to notice them.


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