Paella Valenciana

Now doesn’t THIS look mouth watering!

During this trip to Spain, I got the chance to help Carmen, a very sweet Spanish woman from Valencia, cook a typical Valencian paella meal with chicken meat and rabbit meat. I watched her cook the meat at first then add vegetables (green beans and white beans) and finally water and have everything simmer for a long time. To add flavor and color to the paella, Carmen added 3 large fresh springs of rosemary, salt and a generous sprinkle of saffron powder. She left the meat and vegetable cooking until everything became soft and aromatic before adding the rice. She let the rice absorb liquid completely, which didn’t take a long time because she kept everything uncovered and on high fire. Excuse me for not noting down measurements of ingredients, but I took some delicious photos for you, so here you go!

Click for photos and description (almost a recipe!).

Carmen stirring the vegetables and meat

Carmen left the vegetables and meat to simmer

Carmen giving the vegetables and meat one last stir before adding the rice

Carmen measuring the rice

Carmen adding the rice to the vegetables and meat

The rice is cooking

Et voila, the paella!


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