Now What?

OK, so what is the plan now for Canada?


We plan on arriving there in the middle of Spring when nature is at its greenest and the weather is the perfect warmth/coolness for a cycle in the neighborhood or a stroll in the park. We will travel light, with just one suitcase each, which is going to be a challenge I’m sure! I usually pack light when we go on vacations (sometimes as light as a backpack for 2 weeks), but how can you pack your life in one suitcase?!


As soon as we get there, we will get all our paperwork done before heading off for a few days to our friend’s wedding in Brookville (which reminds me: I still have to find a dress!!). The first month or two in Montreal will really just be a period of familiarizing ourselves with the city, the system and the culture. It will also be a break for us in between lives! We are planning on enjoying the outdoors as much as possible, visit galleries and museums, go to fresh produce markets, sip coffee outside in the sun (just like this man here), you know, things you’d do while on vacation :) And I will look for yoga studios to maintain posture, flexibility and composure. Another feature of life that I will make use of is the ability to photograph anything that I want. I cannot photograph freely in Beirut or Jeddah, so that will be an important advantage for me.

And I think after that the real hard work will begin: looking for jobs. But hey, one step at a time, right?

(Both photos via National Geographic)


6 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. Canada in general and Montreal in specific is BEAUTIFUL. I am sure you will love it. Lebanese community is huge in Montreal, you won’t be missing anything ‘really’. Looking forward to meet you here!

  2. Sonnenshine says:

    Awsesome!! Been away from this blog and now you are already migrating!! Fantastic news and lots of luck, pack heavy, Canada is not all about springs you know…

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