So Why Montreal?

Um, why not?! It is a beautiful city with great schools, a good quality of life and a diverse cultural scene. We finally took our decision early this year and started the real preparations last month. We are both very excited, simply for the change. We have been living in Jeddah for 5 years now and have had enough of the 365 days of sunshine (NOT). It is time for us to move on, to move forward and as I always say, change is necessary for progress. So this crazy couple are embarking on a new freezing adventure late this Spring and they simply cannot wait!


9 thoughts on “So Why Montreal?

  1. I wish you all the best luck my dear. Indeed Montreal is a very nice city, and change, as well as adventure, is essential for our life improvement. Hope soon we’ll meet there. :) Good luck

  2. hdraper says:

    I know your friends in Jeddah will hate to see you go, but what a great place to move to – congratulations!! I hope you both have an easy transition there and tons of fun once you arrive and settle in!!

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