Good Morning 2012!

Lebanese Coffee

I don’t know what to expect from you 2012, but I sincerely hope that you are gentler than your sister 2011.

For my part, I am going to follow my dreams and live a little. I will not let insecurity haunt me or anxiety pin me down. I am going to live and chase my future like a beautiful free-flying kite.

Happy 2012 everyone. Take it easy and don’t forget to live life the way you want to.


8 thoughts on “Good Morning 2012!

  1. Wish the same to all of us… actually we need it, we need to live the way we want, and free-fly. I wish in 2012 we could build hte future we want and deserve,

  2. Sonnenshine says:

    Anxiety? Insecurity? Cut down on that dark black Turkish coffee and you will get better..
    Trust me, life is what you make of it, you can be stuck in your cubicle or fly like a bird. We have an old saying in Leipzig that means just that…
    2012 is just a number we inherited from someone who decided to keep track of time..

    Life is what we make of it; so live it to the full, don’t sleep, it’s a waste of good time..


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