Iced Coffee With Ice Cream

It might not be the right weather for this drink in most parts of the world, but I’m sure there is a place right now where the weather permits to enjoy this iced coffee drink!

Ingredients (for one mug):

– 2 scoops of coffee-flavored ice cream (or vanilla ice cream if it’s easier to find)
– 1/2 cup cold milk
– 1/2 cup strong coffee, two times stronger what you’d usually brew
– 5 ice cubes
– Sugar to taste (I don’t usually add sugar to my coffee so I didn’t use sugar in this recipe)


Put all ingredients together in a blender and blend until smooth and homogeneous. ENJOY COLD!

Can anything be simpler and more delicious?!


14 thoughts on “Iced Coffee With Ice Cream

  1. Sonnenshine says:

    Sounds good and quite easy to do.. I’d add some nuts over..
    Why dream cafe?? An afghan girl I knew started a mini cafe a few months ago and now she is the talk of town and people crowd for a table..
    Ambition is the key to sucess.. Go big or go home… ;-)

      • Sonnenshine says:

        I live now in Dubai, but really I move between Afghanistan, Darfur and Juba.. Dubai is just the base.
        Your caffe shop is something too easy to start; especially in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.. Loads of people who might invest in such..

        I could see you enjoyed Berlin!! Hip city if you know where to go..


      • You’re right Dubai and Abu Dhabi would be good places to start such a business. I loved Berlin, a very elegant, artistic, cultural and charming place. I liked everything about it!

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