Susuru (Japanese for slurping)

If you are in Berlin and want to have Asian food, Japanese in particular, there is only one place to head to: SUSURU.

Susuru only serves noodle soups and appetizers, but that won’t matter to you because you wouldn’t want to have anything else anyway!

We started with shrimp dumplings that were very light and perfectly steamed. Then I had the chicken curry udon soup and R. had a shrimp udon soup, both were delicious and the portions were generous. (And yes we slurped!) For dessert we tried the green tea ice cream and the chocolate spring rolls with vanilla ice cream, and needless to say they were both very special.

A small and funny detail about the restaurant: there are kitchen aprons hanging on little hooks on the sides of the tables to protect your clothes while you slurp!

So again if you’re in Berlin and in the mood for Japanese food, try Susuru. Here’s the address:

Rosa-Luxemburg Strasse 17
10178 Berlin


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