Recipe for peace

What makes you jump with joy? A tough exam you pass? A visa you’ve been waiting for? A deal you strike? Good news you hear out of nowhere? A marriage proposal? A scholarship you’ve been betting on?

Let’s take a moment to jump up with joy and celebrate all the things that make us fortunate. I am sure that all of us can count at least three things in our lives that we are grateful for. I know I am grateful for the family and friends I’m blessed with, the opportunity to plan a future, and the peace that allows me to sleep a full 7-hour stretch.

Count your blessings before you sleep. Good night.


5 thoughts on “Recipe for peace

  1. you’re right, there are alot of things we are grateful for…. things that others don’t have, or even don’t dream about; I specially liked the line ” the opportunity to plan a future” which many of people don’t even think about it. Great recipe.

  2. Sonnenshine says:

    Well my career has been keeping me thrilled for a while now, from one sucess to the other.. Other major events that I would have never dreamt of In my youth happen but seem trivial compared! Ironic in every sense..

    It’s cooking time; found some nice fresh broccoli and I plan a lamb marinade !!


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