Let’s not forget

that Confetti is not just about cooking. I love cooking and I love food, but I didn’t intend for Confetti to be just a food blog. Confetti was meant to be a blog about everything that I like, everything that catches my attention and triggers an idea or thought in my head. It could be fashion or a saying or a place I visited or a poster I saw or something I made myself, anything! But for a good year, all I was doing was experimenting with new recipes, so much that all I did was either cooking or baking! Now I am going back to the real motive that Confetti was born and I will be looking out for different things that I read or see or hear or do.

I will start with idea #1, which is that everyday I am going to take photo snippets of my day and at the end of the day put them together in a post. The photos will be of little details that tell a lot. So essentially the posts will be records of what I did that day. Let’s see how that will go! The first post will be tonight!


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