Back From Holidays!

Sorry for leaving without any notice, it was very busy before the holidays and I forgot to post a ‘see you soon’ message! But now we are back and although it is going to take me a whole week to re-install myself in my life and not feel disoriented, I am happy to be reconnect with everyone on Twitter and here on Confetti.

I had a great two-week break. I spent it with my family in Italy and Spain and it was beautiful. I’ll leave you with these photos until we meet again some time soon this week. Have a great week!



4 thoughts on “Back From Holidays!

  1. I couldnt not write a comment about your twitter line, I agree with you, we can never make the same tomato sauce as they do it in Italy, George and I talked about this tomatoe sauce (either the pasta’s or pizza’s) alot, and how amazingly delicious it is. The first thing, I think, is the plum tomatoe they grow. it’s very different from the one we have here(almost tasteless, barely red).

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