White Beans with Tomato and Coriander

Do you know the feeling when you  have had enough of meat and want to take a break? Being an ex-vegetarian, I get this feeling often and this month I really do not have the desire neither to eat nor cook meat. That’s not too bad, because I have a lot of recipes that are meatless that are healthy and easy to make.

White Beans

The following recipe is a quick-fix meal that has lots of flavor and nutrients. Its main ingredients are white beans (also known as white kidney beans), tomatoes and fresh coriander. 100g of white beans has 6.7g of protein and 2.8mg of iron, which is not bad at all, so if you have a can of white beans in your kitchen cupboard, you might want to try this recipe for lunch tomorrow.

White Beans with Tomato and Coriander


– 1 Tbsp of vegetable oil

– 1 small onion, thinly sliced

– 3 garlic cloves, thinly sliced

– A handful of fresh coriander, chopped

– 2 medium tomatoes, roughly chopped

– 1/2 tsp of dried coriander

– 1 can of white beans (380g), washed and drained

– Salt

– 1/2 cup of water

– 1 tsp of tomato paste

White BeansMethod:

1. Heat the oil in a deep sauce pan and fry the onions, garlic and fresh coriander.

2. When the onions turn translucent, add the chopped tomatoes. Season with salt and dried coriander.

3. When the tomatoes start letting out their water, add the beans and give everything a gentle stir.

4. Add the water and the tomato paste and stir well. Bring to boil. Lower the heat to medium and let everything boil for ten minutes.

5. Serve with white rice and garnish with fresh coriander if desired.

White Beans


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