Rucola Parmesan Salad with Balsamic-Cumin Vinaigrette

You call it arugula, I call it rucola, let’s just agree on one thing: everyone should at least give these little aromatic leaves one try before judging!

Rucola leaves are abundantly used in Italian cuisine and they are grown in almost the entire Mediterranean region. I often use rucola leaves in my salads, they add a lovely tangy flavor to any typical lettuce-tomato-cucumber salade de saison. This time however, I just tossed them with a roughly chopped up tomato, made a special balsamic-cumin dressing and topped it with rucola’s best friend (in my opinion): Parmesan cheese.

To make this crunchy flavorsome salad for two, you’ll need a bunch of rucola leaves, one chopped tomato head and thin shavings of Parmesan cheese. Easy.

For the balsamic-cumin vinaigrette, you need:

– 1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
– 1 Tbsp of yellow mustard (the hot dog mustard)
– 1/2 Tbsp of olive oil
– 1/8 tsp of cumin seeds
– A pinch of salt and freshly cracked black pepper


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