Fried Mushroom with Garlic and Oregano

I love this recipe because it’s a perfect side dish, aromatic and flavorsome. The trick is to use large white mushrooms and to use just enough butter. Here’s what you need:

– 10 large mushrooms (I have 9 in the photo because I ate one, couldn’t resist!)
– 4 shavings of butter
– 2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
– A sprinkle of salt and dried oregano

Spread the butter shavings around the pan.
Scatter the garlic slices over them.
Now start working with the mushrooms. You need to trim the bottom part and then peel the mushrooms. The photograph will explain better what I mean.

After you trim and peel the mushrooms, place them over the butter and garlic and sprinkle salt and dried oregano. Fry the mushrooms on both sides until their juices come out. The mushrooms will shrink in size and they will start smelling like real good food! To avoid the garlic from overfrying, you can pick the garlic slices and place them over the mushrooms during cooking.

A real easy recipe, must be eaten hot but is greatly enjoyed by guests at dinner.


4 thoughts on “Fried Mushroom with Garlic and Oregano

  1. Michelle says:

    I was looking up fried mushrooms on google images because I have a bunch and wanted to know what to do with them. This looks delicious!

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