It’s good to be back!

It’s been one full month! I’ve missed blogging so much! I was on my annual leave from work. R and I went on a 3-week long trip to Europe to visit friends and family. We had a great time. I immensely enjoyed the cold weather and the rain. I liberally indulged in all the delicacies that came my way! I didn’t try to resist, I didn’t care, and now I do not regret any of the cappuccinos or hot chocolates or croissants or pizzas or tapas or tikkas or Ben’s Cookies or Valencian oranges or pain au laits with butter!

It was fabulous from start to finish. I had a great time with my friends, met fantastic new people (via our Couchsurfing experience) and enjoyed every moment with my brother and his family in Spain.

I will shortly upload a few photos from our trip with a few restaurant recommendations. Stay tuned and thanks for checking!


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