Two exotic salads

Now here’s a new way of looking at salads!

Homemade salads do not always have to be boring and cucumber and tomato based. If you think outside the box and try to mix fruits and vegetables together, you might come out with rather special and nutritious salads.
Here are the two salads that I put together for dinner tonight: Red Grapes and Feta Salad and Pears, Avocado and Feta Salad.

Red Grapes and Feta Salad

As you can see in the photos, for this salad you need red grapes, feta cheese and pine nuts. I mixed the feta cheese with a little balsamic vinegar at first before adding them on top of the grapes. I drizzled extra virgin olive oil at the end and a sprinkle of black pepper. A very refreshing and light salad, especially if you use low salt, low fat feta cheese. The pines give it an additional nutritional value as they are high in manganese and low in cholesterol.
Did you know? The pine trees family produces both male and female pine cones, while nuts are only found in fertilized female cones.

Pears, Avocado and Feta Salad

For this salad you need pears, avocado, feta cheese, walnuts and rosemary. I drizzled olive oil at the end. Walnuts, like pine nuts, are high in manganese.

Did you know?
Avocados are fruits and not vegetables.
They contain more potassium than bananas.
Keeping an avocado in the fridge slows down its ripening process, while putting it with a ripe apple in a paper bag will speed up the process.


6 thoughts on “Two exotic salads

    • Nadine!! I’m SO happy to see you here!! Thank you for reading and following!!
      I try my best with food styling and photography :) I need better lighting and more props, but I’m learning :)

      • Nadine says:

        I really really enjoy following your blog :) I have a blog too but it’s still under construction since the stoneage hehe as I am not as a 1/10 talented as you!!
        I don’t know what you mean about lightning and props coz to me your photos are professional!
        Keep going :)

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