Looking sunny from here!

Do you sometimes really crave fried eggs, sunny side up?

Today was one of those days for me, I really wanted fried eggs for lunch! And since it’s an easy thing to prepare and I had vegetables in the fridge, I thought putting of them together for a nutritious meal!

This meal has 220 calories, yes ONLY 220 calories! How come?

2 fried eggs (no fat), 130 calories
1 tsp of butter, 35 calories

A cup of mixed vegetables (broccoli, onion, mushrooms, marrow), 30 calories
1 tsp of butter, 35 calories

Now do the math and you’ll find out that this nutritious and delicious meal is actually a healthy one! Eggs, contrary to common belief, are actually low in calories, high in protein and not very high in fat.

To prepare this meal, fry the two eggs with one teaspoon of butter. Fry the vegetables with another teaspoon of butter. Sprinkle salt and pepper over them, five minutes later, your vegetables are ready to serve.


Just an idea…A healthy and delicious sandwich: smoked turkey breast is also a non-fatty cold cut with lots of proteins. 2 slices of smoked turkey breast have 45 calories (and 10g of protein), one hot dog roll has 120 calories and a peeled cucumber has 10 calories. So, for breakfast, you can have a smoked turkey sandwich with sliced cucumbers and a dash of yellow mustard for only 175 calories! Just an idea!


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