Stuffed vine leaves saved her life …

and her book saved my life!

Useful confession: I love cookbooks.

I recently bought Nadia Sawalha’s recent cookbook under the title of Vine Leaves Saved My Life. Nadia Sawalha is an actress turned presenter. Her cookbook is a collection of Middle Eastern recipes from a family kitchen, either passed down through the generations or created by Sawalha for her family. The recipes are practical and do not require a lot of time or rare-to-find ingredients. The cookbook is very user-friendly and Sawalha has included photographs of her family, which makes the book somehow more personal.

I know how to cook Middle Eastern as I’ve learned many recipes from my mother, but never really wrote down any recipe. Sawalha’s recipes have really saved my life the other evening when I had to prepare a get-together dinner for a group of our friends with the theme ‘homemade Lebanese food’. I tried several of her recipes and they all turned out perfettissimo!


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