The Sixties

What kind of memories does the term “the sixties” conjure? Long hair, flowers, love, all-cotton clothes, good music, nature, … tie-dye? YES! Tie-dye! I didn’t know how much I missed tie-dye t-shirts until I accidentally saw fabric dyes at a local bookstore/stationery shop. I bought two Marabu EasyColor dyes, one green and one red. I decided to experiment with the green dye on an old plain white cotton t-shirt.

If you’re in the mood to work with colors and old clothes, the process is very easy, here is what you need:

– 1 sachet of fabric dye (I used Marabu EasyColor for fabric and batik)
– 4 L of boiling water
– 4 Tbsp of salt
– Rubber bands


First, tie your t-shirt. For circular designs like the one I did, this is what you have to do:

Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface, front facing you. Grab the t-shirt in a pinch-like finger grab and lift it up. Now start binding every 5 cms with a rubber band. In the end, the t-shirt should look like this:

Pour the water in a large container or pot. Dissolve the dye powder and the salt. Wet the tied t-shirt in lukewarm water and slightly squeeze the water out. Place the t-shirt in the colored boiling water for 30 minutes. Make sure to move the t-shirt around every 5 minutes. After 30 minutes, rinse the tied t-shirt under cold running water until the water runs clear, not green anymore.

Dry the t-shirt before you untie it. After the t-shirt is dry or semi-dry (I was very impatient, I couldn’t wait!), untie it, wash it again with cold water until water is clear and hang it to dry.

Eh voila, your DIY tie-dye t-shirt! Thank you Confettina!


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