Summer Lovin’!

A useful confession: I love flowers.

We recently attended the wedding of our good good friends, which took place in the garden of a monestary in Beit Mery, and man was it the most beautiful and charming wedding I’ve ever been to! The bride’s dress was very simple and royally chic, and her bouquet of flowers spoke of nothing but simplicity, love and femininity. Even the necklace she elegantly wore around her neck was unique. Oh, and the flowers in her hair! How cute! She was simply dressed as a very relaxed and genuinely happy bride, and that is, in my opinion, the best way you can dress as a bride.

The church ceremony took place on a terrace overlooking the mountains and valleys of Lebanon. The walkway to the altar was a bed of flowers and the altar itself was a table with simple white covers and a lovely arrangement of flowers.

Now that I have the bride and the ceremony enough attention, let me talk to you about the table decorations. Each table was centrally lined with different bouquets of wildly colorful flowers arranged in very rustic pots, and in the center of each table there was a colored bird cage! So cute! I spent half the time taking pictures of the tables than the bride and groom! OK, I’m exaggerating, but seriously, it was the most beautifully decorated wedding I’ve ever attended.


5 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’!

  1. Beautiful ceremony, and colorful flowers. I like it when the weddings take place outdoor, in the nature. Hopefully soon, you’ll attend ours and it’s gonna be in a magical place :)

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