Rose by Paul Smith

A useful confession: I love beautiful scents.

I was looking for a perfume suitable for the summer and something that wasn’t too heavy or too light. A few months ago, I tried Paul Smith’s perfume ROSE while I was at the duty free in an airport. I loved it but didn’t buy it because I already had two perfumes that I was using at the time. But I didn’t forget the lovely smell of roses. I’m a Taurus, so when I want something, sooner or later I get it! So, last night while I was shopping for a birthday gift for my friend, I couldn’t resist going into the cosmetics and perfume shop and trying floral/rose-scented perfumes. I tried Lancome’s and Lanvin’s (just to make sure of my Paul Smith choice), but I still preferred Paul Smith’s. It has a watery sense to it, something that the other two lacked. So, without any hesitation, I grabbed the box and within a few seconds I was the happy owner of Rose by Paul Smith!


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