Mixed Dessert Cups

Look at these cups, aren’t they the cutest dessert cups?! OK maybe not. But they’re still easy to put together and look cute when serving.

Here’s what is inside:


– Lady fingers, the biscuits

– Whipped cream

– Kiwi, the fruit

– Cranberries (or any other berries available to you)

– Brown sugar


First, make the cranberry (or whatever berry you’re working with) sauce. Place two Tbsp of frozen cranberries with 1 Tbsp on brown sugar in a small pan over low heat. Let the sugar melt and the cranberries ooze their juices out. You’ll have to smash them a little bit to get the juices mixing with the sugar.

Place the lady fingers on the bottom of the cup. Drizzle the cranberry sauce over. Place a slice of kiwi on top. Scoop one teaspoon of whipped cream over the kiwi. Repeat the same layering. Finish with cranberries on top, for garnish and added sourness.

Super easy, super simple and as my friend P. said, “yummy!”


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