Fake = Real – Hassle

I love plants more for decoration than growing them and tending to their needs. I have three real plants that now look unhappy and in need of a better mother. And I also have three fake plants that look fantastic and really enjoying my living room!

my fake plants inside

my fake plants outside


5 thoughts on “Fake = Real – Hassle

  1. maria says:

    the real plants are the best, taking care of them doesnt require much, just water and few words… plus in these bad earthy moments we need to plant more trees and take care of them.
    and you’re not a fake person
    so go on and water these poor cute lives…
    mi manchi, baciiiiii

  2. Couldn’t agree more, my plants died on me last year and broke my heart.
    I have a big fake tree in my apartment now and I love how I don’t have to take care of it….

  3. Hahaha, so I am right: fake = real – hassle!

    I can’t keep them alive because we don’t have sunlight in our apartment and they desperately need sunlight, so haram they wither :( I would LOVE to have real ones but they need the right conditions in order to grow, and I don’t want to be a plant killer!

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