Bucatini Rossi

We wanted something refreshing and light and yummy. I went through my cupboards and the fridge and found some carrots, plum tomatoes, parsley, greens and bucatini pasta that I haven’t tried yet, and this was the result:

fresh green lettuce salad and bucatini with tomato sauce

fresh green lettuce salad


4 thoughts on “Bucatini Rossi

  1. Caroline Wadad says:

    They sell carrots here in big bags and I usually make soup with the left-overs. It’s nice to have something new to try out though I can’t be sure that it will look as good. I NEVER would have put carrots and pasta together…

    • I usually prefer ra carrots to cooked carrots…and I would have never used them in pasta either, but Mounir did this wonderful tomato sauce with carrots once and it was SO GOOOOOD. Mine was ordinary, nothing special. So, he gave me the idea :-)

  2. maria says:

    everything with pasta and tomato sauce is delicious. loulou last time i tried gorgonzola and tomato pizza and it was yummiiii. just these 2 ingredients plus a drizzle of olive oil on the crust… try it out…

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