St Joseph Oratory

I have been to St. Joseph Oratory in Spring, but I have never visited it in winter. I knew that it would be lovely, so I headed there this evening with a couple of friends with the intention of taking photos and relaxing in the warmth of the churches. I managed to come out with these photos. I hope you like them!












Only in Montreal…


do dead arms lie still on a window sill,


does a bird and a human reproduce,


(or a human and horse for that matter)


do TVs have sex,


shoes grow ‘hair’,


do real trains look like fake ones,

20120901_161335exists a Mexican R2D2,


do tired skaters take a  nap on the sidewalk,

IMAG2999and kids swim in  friggin’ freezing lake!!

Garden of the Gods

So, why in the name of god did all the gods decide to assemble in Colorado Springs?

That I don´t know, but I know that it´s not too bad a place for the authorities to meet and conspire!

Joking aside, I visited Garden of the Gods this morning and these huge rock formations are quite something to photograph! The mountains behind them make a perfect background, the perfect contrast. But what I loved the most were the different birds that I saw there. Apparently, the garden is home to more than 130 species of birds!

Enjoy this brief tour.











One Year in Montreal

My one year anniversary of being in Montreal is around the corner and I thought I’d dedicate a post (and a photo, of course) to this beautiful city that has shown me nothing but warmth, friendship and good times from the day I set foot here last May. The most special thing I found about Montreal is the four seasons, how truly humbling, patient, wise and majestic nature is. And I learned from it a very simple yet inspiring lesson: that there is no Spring without Winter. We really learn the simplest and most beautiful lessons from nature. So, here is my sunset photo to you, Montreal.

sunset-montreal(Photo taken from Oratoire Saint Joseph)


I think personal happiness begins once we accept that there is no day without night and there is no spring without winter, and once we know how to enjoy and appreciate both. They are two sides of the same coin but not so many people have the clarity of mind and emotions to realize that and see it as beautiful.

Don’t curse the bleak white winter, just be sure that it is necessary for nature to go through winter to bring you your beloved spring.

park jeanne mance montreal

Let’s Sugar Shack It!

What do you do with the following ingredients: two cars, 7 friends, -5 C, a Sunday, Quebec?

You go to a sugar shack!

Sugar shacks, or sugar houses, (cabanes a sucre in French) are very popular in Eastern Canada and between March and April is the season for what they have to offer. They are cabins that were established to make maple syrup. Sugar shacks now offer a meal in the cabin where most of the food is made with maple syrup and some even have a chimney and live music. In Quebec, it is quite popular during the months of March and April to go to a cabane a sucre to have a typical meal from the region and then have tire d’erable on the snow, which is maple syrup on the snow that solidifies into a caramel-like texture and then scooped by you with a wooden Popsicle stick! Simple, silly but fun!

Needless to say, it turned out to be a cool Sunday. Here are a few photos.










My First Labour Day

We were lucky to have had very pleasant weather on Labour Day, especially that it was my first Labour Day in Canada. Everybody was out in the parks or cycling all around the city; needless to say, it was a great day for the outdoors. Here are a few photos to showcase how I spent my day today. Hope you guys had a lazy Labour Day too!

1. The first thing we saw when we stepped out of the house, the community truck watering the community plants (see the blue sky?!):

2. More plants:

3. In Montreal you’re bound to run into some street art:

4. And then we passed Toi, Moi et Cafe and people were spilling out of the terrace:

5. And more street art (feel free to interpret freely):

6. Another landmark in Montreal:

7. Something you read everywhere you go:

8. A cement garden?

9. Cute co-pilots!

9. And what the ‘plate’ said:

10. An unexpected garden beauty:

11. And finally a glass of lemonade to pitch in to this kid’s piggy bank (notice her cute fan?!):

Free Pets

Montreal is full of interesting and trendy people; I love walking down Mont Royal or St. Denis and admiring the fashion on the street! I spotted this man walking with his family (wife and baby) and their pets: a dog and these two lovely birds perched on his hands! Quite a quaint fashion statement, eh?!