Cafe Hopping

I was reminded today of why I like Montreal, why I feel good here, why I feel welcomed, and most importantly, why I feel I belong.

While cafe hopping over several consecutive weekends, I stumbled upon this cute scene. imageI was browsing the world on my tablet, sipping my latte, when three girls come into the cafe, sit on the floor, form a triangle, and start playing Bananagrams. They were not having any coffee or tea. What happened next was even more charming; the lady of the cafe offered them free loukoum.

Bon weekend tout le monde!

St Joseph Oratory

I have been to St. Joseph Oratory in Spring, but I have never visited it in winter. I knew that it would be lovely, so I headed there this evening with a couple of friends with the intention of taking photos and relaxing in the warmth of the churches. I managed to come out with these photos. I hope you like them!












Free Pets

Montreal is full of interesting and trendy people; I love walking down Mont Royal or St. Denis and admiring the fashion on the street! I spotted this man walking with his family (wife and baby) and their pets: a dog and these two lovely birds perched on his hands! Quite a quaint fashion statement, eh?!


My New Neighborhood

The big move has finally taken place and we are here in Montreal. At the airport, everything went smoothly and we were out of immigration and announced permanent residents in less than an hour. We arrived last Thursday and so far it has been a warm welcome (weather and people) and a great beginning to a new journey.

Just because I like to take photos, here is an album of photos taken this weekend while strolling in my new neighborhood.