Free Pets

Montreal is full of interesting and trendy people; I love walking down Mont Royal or St. Denis and admiring the fashion on the street! I spotted this man walking with his family (wife and baby) and their pets: a dog and these two lovely birds perched on his hands! Quite a quaint fashion statement, eh?!


Let’s Go Biking!

I guess Spring has indeed arrived! I love cycling!

Cycling makes me feel free yet focused, one of my favorite feelings. When I was young (younger than a teenager), riding my bike was my second nature. I had a dark red bike that was made in Czechoslovakia. I distinctly remember that ‘Made in Czechoslovakia’ sign because I remember that its spelling baffled my mind!

On a side note, I love her jacket!

What is your favorite Spring activity?

Phota via The Sartorialist


What is Starch? Starch is a boutique devoted to young designers in Beirut, Lebanon.

“In collaboration with Lebanon’s universities and arts faculties, a selection of graduating students will be asked to participate in the project by submitting their portfolios. A committee of professionals will then review the portfolios and select four to six young designers each season. The designers will be guided through the process of developing their collections and promoting it, which will then be presented for a period of six months to one year at Starch.” – Starch