I like

Waking up earlier than the alarm
Neck hugging (have you tried it?)
Plants that don’t die
To write letters
Bare trees
Kissing babies’ feet
That time heals
To sing when I am in pain
To be in a Woody Allen movie
Seeing in color
Flowing rivers
My grandmother’s smell
Hand-picked fruits
To smile at strangers

Mate Infusion

I’ve had mate before but never at a mate cafe! The Mate Factory cafe in Aley, Lebanon is a small local place ideal for a warm gourd of mate when you want to take a break from the cold weather outside and want to warm your¬†body with something herbal and unique. The menu for mate has a long list of different mate flavors that you can choose from. We chose the regular one, which came accompanied by nuts and salty sticks, but you can choose passion fruit mate, mango mate, citrus mate, etc…

All photos by Confettina

I visited, I saw, I heard, I tasted, I conquered – Part II

Beirut: The Other Sister


hanging in there

red extension

natural colors

beautiful combination

fresh produce

alternatives to junk


ka3ek ka3ek anytime over a beetle!

freshly squeezed orange juice


girl on corniche

fighting with her sister over a popsicle

corniche through car eyes

passers by through car eyes

smiling to the car

beiruti hope

beirut lights

beirut lighthouse looking down

fishing away

hot heads

new age cleaning


a random house garden

building fiasco

All photos by Confettina


I will be travelling for a week tomorrow and I am really looking forward to that as it will spice up my blogging life a little and give it a shake and hopefully richer content. Stay tuned for upcoming photography experiences and dining pleasures.